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  • How the Citizens, Government and Non-State Actors Responded to Covid-19 in Zimbabwe.

    The economic, social and health problems brought about by the COVID-19 outbreak highlight the need for a multi-sectoral and multi-actor response involving citizens, the Government and Non-State actors.

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    What Government is doing?

    What did the government do to fight the pandemic?

    The government is mandated to carry out oversight functions and to provide policies for pandemic responses. The measures implemented by the government are presented here.

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    What the Citizens are doing?

    Are there any initiatives formed by citizens in response to the pandemic?

    Citizens acting individually and with each other have the power to mitigate the effects of challenges such as COVID-19. This section highlights the response actions made by citizens,

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    What Non-State Actors are doing?

    Did non-state actors give their support to the government and citizens?

    Non-State Actors including non-governmental organizations (NGOs), private sector entities such as local and international business associations, philanthropic foundations and citizen groups have participated in the fight against COVID-19. This section these actions.

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    What Citizens are saying

    Dr Shamiso Madzivire

    Representing Midlands State University


    Florence Guzha

    Representing Ebenezer Women Social Entrepreneurship Trust



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